Haley, Ambridge High School Class of 2018 | Sewickley Cemetery & Schenley Park | Pittsburgh Seni

Yes, you are reading that title up there correctly, yes it says cemetery and yes it might be a bit unconventional but it worked. This particular senior had a special request for this location and since it was so close to Halloween, why not!?! I think most people would be against a location like this but Haley and her mom have a love for all things Halloween,spooky, creepy, crawly so we went for it! It was a perfect fall day and we set out early to try and catch some morning fog! I think we got some awesome shots and I'm so glad I didn't shy away from this idea! I know most people would think of death and loss when visiting a cemetery but when I'm there it actually makes me SEE life more clearly. It's a reminder that life is indeed too short so we must wake up and live while we have the chance, ya know!?! So this session is really a testament to my honesty in that, when I tell my senior clients that no location is off limits for their senior session, I mean it! I love working with people to create a session that is unique to them....I certainly think we achieved that here...see below>>>>>

After the fog started to clear we headed to our next location and a popular one among the photography community here in Pittsburgh. I have been to Schenley park many times for sessions but every time has been unique to the subject that seems to bring it to life! I have enjoyed working with Haley and having her part of the model team has been so fun! I have seen her put her skills to work over and over by always providing the makeup for the girls during our group sessions. She has amazing talent and she will succeed in cosmetology if she decides to pursue that as a career ...I mean look at these photos guys, her makeup is flawless and her eyebrows on point...ALWAYS!

Looking forward to seeing where life takes this spunky little firecracker, Haley. :) ;)


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