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Christina, Trinity High School Class of 2018 | St. Paul Cathedral, Oakland | Pittsburgh Senior Portr

I loved meeting Christina and her mom & dad and we hit it off right away! Our plan was to meet in Oakland at St. Paul Cathedral because Christina really likes the architecture of the Gothic Revival stone structure which I found out was built in 1906! It's a historical landmark, and for a good reason. It is simply beautiful inside and out! We even got the chance to take a few shots inside as well (one I posted below)! After that, we went for a little walk around Carnegie Mellon University campus which is also filled with some amazing architecture. Pittsburgh is just full of surprises. I'm really excited for Christina because she has already been accepted into Edinboro, so her senior year should be a breeze! I wish her all the best and I'm excited for her journey!

We stumbled upon Kraus Campo!

Showing school spirit with her EU shirt! Go fighting scots!

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