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Hanna, Chartiers Valley, Class of 2017 | The Secret Garden | Pittsburgh Senior Portrait Photographer

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my wanderlust and my love for exploring new and unique places. So when Hanna told me about a place she wanted to go for her session I was seriously pumped! I call it the secret garden because it was just that! This old cabin was located on private property attached to the owners home. The most remarkable thing about the place though was the surrounding property. The pond was clearly the feature however, what existed beyond that was nothing short of amazing. Would have loved to see it when all the flowers were in bloom, but I still enjoyed every second of it! As you can tell by the following photos, Hanna was all smiles pretty much the whole time. Mostly due to her older, goofier brother Chad. He basically had us both laughing the entire session. I did manage to get some serious faces out of her but the smiles definitely dominate this shoot! I am okay with that. I really loved hanging with this crew and I was even treated to a live performance of Hanna serenading us as we drove to the location. On top of the fact this girl has quite the set of pipes on her, she is also a kick ass artist and I really loved seeing some of her artwork too! It is safe to say this girl has been through a lot in her 17 or so years and I sincerely wish her the best in her future dreams & aspirations!

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