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Logan, Shaler Area HS Class of 2017 | Hartwood Acres | Pittsburgh Senior Portrait Photographer | Pit

I finally got to do a senior session at Hartwood. I know it is a popular location for photo shoots of all kinds but it was fun to get to actually do my favorite type of session there! Logan was very easygoing and open to most of my ideas. Although she was a little nervous about the electrical fence surrounding the flower beds...we made sure to be extra careful about entering there! I think she was mostly happy just to have her boyfriend Cory there on leave from the Marines. How sweet! We even got to squeeze in photos of the two of them together!

It's awesome to see a young couple doing amazing things with their lives and trying to maintain a long distance relationship is a serious challenge...especially at such a young age. Cory is serving our country as a Marine and Logan is studying to become a nurse! Seriously thankful for people who choose those professions. It's amazing act of selflessness!

Thanks so much to Cory, Logan and Logan's mommy Pam! We had fun and enjoyed our stroll through Hartwood Acres and beyond!

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