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Karina, Beauty in Abandonment | Monaca, PA | Pittsburgh Senior Portraits

People are amazing, no matter what age, race, religious view or political stance they take, people never cease to amaze me. I always try to keep my mind and heart open to people, because you never know what kind of an impact you can make on that person in their journey and vice versa. I believe that each person has a gift they can offer to the world. I find that when I take the time to get to know other people and see them in action, it honestly makes me super happy and gives me hope for their future of mankind. I know this sounds cheesy, but we were meant for so much more than what is currently happening in our country and in our world as a whole. This may seem like I'm going off on a tangent, but this is how I see Karina.

When I met her I immediately wanted to get to know her more. She was doing makeup for a bride who's wedding I was photographing and her makeup was flawless (of course). I saw her in action, in her element and seeing her do her thing so confidently only fueled my passion to exceed at my job. I knew she was young, but I thought 16 or 17. When I found out she was 14, I was impressed. I guess because I thought for being 14, she was very mature for her age and not just because of her looks. The attitude and professionalism that she displayed was far above many grown adults that I've come across over the years. When I reached out to her about doing makeup for my senior model team she was happy to oblige. So we worked out a trade, Again, age does not matter. If you have a skill and are willing to work at it passionately, it will show and people will be drawn to you. To be able to provide a platform for her to lend her skills in a real life way, gave me all the happy feels! So i come to find not only is this girl skilled in the art of makeup, but she's also an aspiring model AND photographer. Watch out world, this girl is ready to take it on!

AS SOON AS I SAW THIS GIRL I knew the exact setting for her session. In fact, I spotted this place and drove by it for months just hoping I'd find the right gal to fit this location. She came along and blew me away. Karina was really open to my ideas, trespassing and all and I believe she trusted my vision. Another reason why I enjoyed working with her. I think being around someone who has dreams and aspirations is what helps to fuel my fire. Teens are the most ambitious age group which is why I'm drawn to them, but let me tell you something can be a 30 something year old and still have dreams & aspirations. That's why I surround myself with all these young people, because they are more like minded than a lot of people my age who have already given up on that. When you graduate from college, get married and have a family, have all your dreams been met? If so fine, great, blessings to you, but there is more to life than just that. Are there other passions you wish to pursue? I don't think you should ever stop dreaming, doing, achieving... even when your 90 years old, what's the difference?

I look forward to working with Karina again. Whether its doing makeup for my seniors or getting her senior photos taken! If you're here just looking at pretty pics and your ready to schedule your senior session, get in touch with me! We will have tons of fun getting to know eachother and making pretty pictures is just the icing on the cake.

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