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The Class of 2017 Senior Model Team | Pittsburgh Senior Portraits

I want to introduce the FIRST EVER Fleeting Glimpse Photography Senior Model Team! These girls have already blown me away with their beauty, inside and out, and I can't wait to get to know them more throughout this experience.

A lot of people outside the Senior Photography world have asked me what the point of this is. Why am I doing this and what does it all mean. For me, it was a way to combine my love for photography and pull toward guiding our youth in their journey's of self discovery. It's taking the senior portrait experience to a whole new level by providing opportunities for these girls to step out of their normal everyday activities, meet new people with the hope of creating friendships by working together to volunteer within our communities. I was struggling with how shallow the photography industry had become so I wanted to create an emphasis on helping others, The core belief is "When you shine on the inside, it shows on the outside" and although as cheesy or cliche as you might think that sounds, I believe it to be 100% true. The change that can occur within a human soul when we become more selfless is truly visible on the outside and I'm out to prove it! That is my WHY, my PURPOSE! When I decided to include the element of volunteering into the program it really changed my outlook on the whole senior photography portrait experience and I prayed for the Lord to bless my endeavors. He did, and brought these 7 young ladies into my life (Rachel not yet pictured). So without further ado, here they are! The future looks bright knowing these young ladies are on the cusp of graduation and ready to take on the world! A special shout out to Merritt Lee Photography for the use of her beautiful studio!

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