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2016 is in full swing. As I try to gather my thoughts, open my eyes and heart to the direction in which the Lord is guiding me I have to say, he really must want me to keep photographing weddings because I just booked two this week! One of which is a destination wedding in North Carolina! I can't ignore the fact that after trying to break into the the high school senior portrait market for 3 years, wedding inquiries are what keeps filling my inbox. I have to believe and have faith that there is a reason for this. That does not mean I am done with seniors, because that is something I feel very passionate about and want to continue doing with all my heart.

With that being said, there is something kinda big that I've been considering doing for a few weeks, I mean a few years actually. But even more lately, I've been throwing ideas around in my head, studying and observing what other photographers that I admire are doing. I want to come up with a model rep program that is unique to Fleeting Glimpse that offers something special to those who take part in it. Something that is both fun and rewarding and not just about getting pretty pictures taken (because duh, that is obviously gonna happen) But something more...An experience, an opportunity to make senior year even more memorable and special!

There are lots of elements that can add up to make such an experience happen and I want to make sure those involved share the same outlook on life as I do. I want to make a difference in the lives of the people that stand before my camera and I want those lives to share the same compassion for others. So if you are or know someone who has a passion for people, helping others, likes to dream big and love abundantly, then this is something you'll want to take part in. You will definitley have to be a 2017 graduate, outgoing and enjoy being in front of the camera. There will be photoshoots planned, group outings to your favorite places, one or two service projects and lots of goodies in between. This will be the first time I'm ever doing a model program so the opportunity to be part of this at the ground level is pretty awesome because you will be helping to create it with me and pave the way for others in the years to come! I will be releasing all the details on Febraury 5th so please stay tuned! For now, I am going to leave you with photos from this beautiful soul that I had the pleasure of photographing way back in July. We get to do round 2 of her photoshoot in a couple months and I just can't wait!


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