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Yellow is the happiest of colors!
I'm not big into photographing fireworks, perhaps it's cause I'm just not good at it and they never
Who would be interested in doing a photoshoot in this beautiful location with me this summer_ If int
Seriously blue sky from Sunday
This time last year I was on my way to the beautiful island of Culebra in Puerto Rico
Golden sunset, Esperanza beach on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico
A little change of pace on the feed cause last night is still fresh on my mind
As cold as it was that day by the Delaware River, this scene calmed me
What is it that makes us so fascinated with abandoned and decaying structures_ I have my reasons, wh
I slipped and slid my way to work this morning dreaming of sand, surf and sun while driving through
Just after sunset on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico
Cliche tourist photo op_ the kinda famous abandoned tanker on Flamenco Beach
A favorite from the archives titled Bokehtropolis on the Horizon
Two photogenic strangers that let me take their picture at Coopers Rock in West Virginia
Hey guys! What's everyone up to this weekend_ I'm going to be in the Strip tomorrow morning getting
Autumn's still here, you just have to search a little deeper sometimes. Get outside, drive, walk, bi
Here's a photo of some nature
Lil' Bit says hi guys
Bokeh reflections of the North Shore
I feel like this is what life would look like if I was a bug
⠀__Perhaps you'll suffer losses, like house, lands and gold,_And you will feel you're homeless, penn
Each spring I anticipate the arrival of the forsythia the most
_julytalk  We didn't get enough of you on Wednesday so I guess we'll see ya tonight! 😉 So what's go
old friends and followers! I am attempting to venture downtown tonight for light up night! Anybody e
The first sunset of 2015 over the Ohio, shot from the Sewickley Bridge
I was in the strip on Saturday night, slipped on some ice and bit the dust hard
Okay, so I'm starting a new hashtag #pghparkinggarages With 80+ parking garages in the city how many
I was trying to ignore the fact that fall was upon us
_Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is a balance
Looks like there's a common theme throughout my feed as of late
Today I needed to find a peaceful spot to pray so after work instead of going grocery shopping I gra
I braved the frigid temps and took a short stroll around the park after work yesterday
⠀⠀_Ten thousand years_We've chased the sun_Only to find_What we've become_To name the stars_To chart
Here's a photo I took with my iPhone that I edited with the mextures app.jpgI needed to make this dr
Here's a non traditional portrait of _kgrago, my sister and friend from the Instameet on Saturday
Double bloom or peony tulips with swirls of purple and beige
I think autumn in PA is really putting on a great show this year
_He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange vi
So cliche, but I can't help it! This was on the drive out to yesterday's photo shoot location! So pr
My mother in law asked if I could send her a recent photo of us
⠀_⠀_🌷🌷🌷 T U L I P S 🌷🌷🌷_⠀_⠀
⠀__Every consecutive year, I witness those daffodils pry themselves from the soil and explode into r
What's that off in the distance_ A bird_ A plane_ A rundown steel mill_ No, it's _jmccann_7!
⠀_You reached for the secret too soon, _Yo cried for the moon,_Shine on you crazy diamond
Thanks _instagram for bringing out the photographer in all of us
_kgrago 's shoe game is always on point 👟👌😏
In case you didn't know, this is my sister _kgrago I'm blaming her for my Instagram obsession
⠀_A view of the La Jolla sea caves from Coast Blvd
#sorrynotsorry for posting a million flower pictures. I just really love flowers
This past weekend was perfect. Here's a photo of Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park
Since it's #nationaldogday and everybody knows how much I love my little boy child
⠀_Look how cute these seals are. I sat in this spot for a while watching these creatures sunbathe an
⠀_⠀_🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊_Here's a #fbf from 2010 taken in La Jolla, California. Can't wait t
I've been having a rough time with life lately but have managed to keep plugging away at this photog
⠀_Trying to capture all the little details of fall, cause it'll be gone before you know it
⠀_This leaf fell from the tree and landed right on my shoulder as if to say _Hello Christine, fall i
⠀_🍄🍃🍄 #cutelittlemushroom 🍃🍄🍃🍄_⠀⠀_⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ 🍄 ⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠ #acpmymoments #bugseyeview #racco
I'm sorry Pittsburgh, I cheated on you with Philadelphia and I can't promise I won't do it again! I'
I haven't crushed this hard on a band since 1999
_All things are subject to decay and when fate summons, monarchs must obey
Pittsburgh, born and raised but can count on one hand the times I've actually been up to Mt.jpg Wash
 autumn calms me d
A view of San Juan from Castillo San Cristobal
The streets of Old San Juan, PR
my main squeeze 😘
I'm pretty sure my love of photography has brainwashed me
Hey, here's some more wintery views, ya know in case you haven't seen enough of that yet...
$20 a night to camp on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. This was my view every morning when
drip.jpg drop
Records for days. Seriously so much vinyl, I couldn't wrap my head around it
It was nothing short of amazing getting to watch the full moon rise into a cloudless night sky at Jo
⠀_...a glutton for spring and her burst bag of sweets..._⠀⠀_🌼🌷🌿🍃🌺🍄🌼🌱🌸🌷🌺🌿🍄_⠀_An excerpt
I think I stole the only sign of spring out of someone's yard today
A view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge over the icy Delaware River
The Magnolias are really quite beautiful this year. I could spend  hours under these blossoms
I was asked by _theturquoiseforest to post the last picture in my album
My sister _kgrago went skydiving on Saturday and I was there to capture the moment from my point of
The building that this was taken in was demolished shortly after we explored it
⠀_I still question my curiosity when venturing into these abandoned places
The past weeks farmers market picks
⠀_⠀_I am going to try to pay attention to the spring.jpgng to look around at all the flowers and loo
Caught a silhouette of these two lovies holding hands while exploring Center City in Philadelphia
Yesterday's photo caught a lot of love and attention. So thanks to all of you who liked, appreciated
I love that graffiti artists make abandoned and forgotten places their canvas
⠀_...Take every turn_Where two roads meet_Delight in your direction_Where sun and sky_And starlights
⠀_Forget not that the earth delights _To feel your bare feet_and _the wind longs_To play with your h
Even Lil' Bit likes to go on housing adventures with us! What an explorer he is, I just love him! 🐾
The Sewickley bridge looking quite beautiful framed in springtime blooms 💛💛💛
⠀_Night and stars above that shine so bright _The myst'ry of their fading light _That shines upon ou
My take on the long exposure beach sunset with the rocks in the foreground shot
⠀_⠀⠀⠀ ∘∘⋙ H🍁PPY  F🍁LL  Y🍁'LL ⋘∘∘_⠀_Also, please do not follow me if you're going to unfollow me o
⠀_⠀_Moss covered paths between ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀scarlet peonies, _Pale jade mountains fill your ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀rus
⠀_Cloudy days at the beach are just as beautiful..
⠀_Here's a little birdie enjoying this California sunset while I'm over here already planning for th
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